We will meet for 30 minute tutorials on the following days:

Thursday, Nov 1

Tuesday, Nov 6

Tuesday, Nov 12


For these meetings please bring your work prints for the final project and a rough draft of your project description. The description should describe your project in 200-500 words. We will discuss your prints and writing.


For assignment three, Typologies.

A typology is a study of type or forms, often shot from the same angle, and form a type of catalog.

In class we looked at a variety of different types, industrial, signs, drive in theater signs, global cities, closed store fronts, barns,  and empty swimming pools.

Please study a form of your choice and create your own typology.

Please bring in at least 5 prints for critique.

Crit Schedule:

Group 2: October 9

Group 3: October 16

Group 1: October 23

Take a series of photographs in your neighborhood or another area that interests you.

Questions to think about:

It seems quite normal to take portraits of people, but what does a portrait of a the built environment look like?

How can you express the unique qualities of the place you live in?

How does local history effect your perception of the place you have chose to photograph?

If you choose to photograph a place that you do not live in, why were you drawn to this particular space?

Bring in at least five work prints, but you are more than welcome to bring in more than that.

Critiques Schedule:

Group 1 on Sept 20

Group 2 on Sept 27

Group 3 on Oct 4

Critique Groups will be assigned on September 6.

Take a series of photographs looking out of a window, door, or roof of your home. Print one image to bring to class for discussion. The home or studio has often been the subject of many artists work, so either explore your personal space as a starting point or bring in a photograph that features the built environment/landscape as the main subject of the photograph.

Please bring in one print for our first crit on Thursday, September 6.

László Moholy-Nagy, Berlin, from the radio tower series, 1928